Meet the Committee

Do you know your JCR committee? Believe it or not, we're nice people who are here to help you - so get clicking.

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Academic Affairs

Did someone mention work? For all of your academic and career focussed needs, check out what our Academic Affairs and Careers officer gets up to!

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Our University, College and JCR have some fantastic schemes which make our applications process as fair as possible for everyone! Find out more from our resident access officer.

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Equal Opportunities

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to flourish in Cambridge. Click here to find out more about the work we do to ensure this, and how you can get involved.

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Ethical Affairs

Would you like to make the world a more ethical place? Click here to find out more about all of the ethical work we get up to, and how you can help out.

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Who doesn't like to party? Why not have a peek into our JCR-run college ents - because who doesn't like cheap booze, great music and amazing people?

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Contact Us

Have some ideas? Need some help? Contact one of us, we're happy to help out! Click here to send us a message.

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Want to learn more about how the JCR operates and what it does for the college? Look no further! The constitution of the JCR defines the student body, describing officers’ roles, committee responsibilities and all of our policies.

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Minutes of Meetings

Care about what we discuss in meetings? Want to find out if our secretary does their job? Look no further!

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Transparency Document

Want to investigate JCR's money frauds? Click below to find out what we've been getting up to this year!

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Financial Aid Document

Learn about different forms of financial aid available from the College and the University

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Financial Aid Spreadsheet

A more concise form of the financial aid available from the College

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