David Quist

CRSid: dq220
Email: equalops@sjcjcr.com

Hello! I’m David (he/him), a first-year medical student, member of the St. John’s rugby team and now, the Equal Opportunities Officer for 2019. I’m greatly looking forward to continuing the hard work of last year’s Equal Opportunities Officer and her sub-committee, ensuring St. John’s is an equal, inclusive and friendly community, that is proud to celebrate the diversity of its student body. This could not be achieved without the help of the BME, LGBT+, International, Women’s, Mental Health and Disabilities officers and the rest of the JCR committee, as well as the potential for collaboration with other colleges to organise speaker events, casual meet ups and Halls for minority groups. Ultimately, we would like you to be rest assured that we will work hard to ensure that everyone really feels like St. John’s truly is a home away from home. However, for this to truly be achieved I’d like to welcome anyone with any concerns or new and interesting ideas to get in touch with me either by email (dq220), or feel free to have a chat if you see me around.