What is Consent John's?

ConSenT John’s is a campaign launched by the St. John’s JCR in 2019 to educate Johnians about sexual consent.

Sexual assault is a serious issue, and as such, the JCR Welfare team have produced a document detailing the resources and support available to survivors of it which you can find here.

We want people to TALK about the issue, understand the importance of getting consent and, most importantly, work together to ensure John’s has a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault.

Expect to see mythbusters, Instagram takeovers, workshops, stash and free events!

We hope everyone can get involved in the campaign and enjoy what we have got in store for you…

In addition, we will be raising money for Cambridge Rape Crisis; a centre which offers support to women and girls who have experienced rape, childhood sexual abuse or any other form of sexual violence.

To get involved in the campaign, or just find out a bit more about it take a look at the Consent John's Facebook Page.