During your time at John's your new address will be:

(Your name)
St John’s College

Parcels sent to your address will be delivered to the Great Gate Porter's Lodge and you'll get an email as soon as they're processed. Letters will be put in your pidgeon hole in the mail room next door. (You'll need your CamCard to get in!)

Useful contacts

St. John's Porter's Lodge : 01223 338600

University Counselling Service : 01223 332865

Clinic 1A Addenbrookes

Confidential testing, support, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Phone 01223 217774, to make an appointment.

Nightline (7pm-7am during term time) : 01223 744444

Disability Resource Centre : 01223 332301

Panther Taxis : 01223 715715

Handy Study Links

Moodle - Course material for most students.

CamSIS - Exam results, enrollments, surveys & more

CamCORS - Supervision reports

New Court Cloisters, credit Paul Everest