Zahir Shah

CRSid: zzs20

Hi, I'm Zahir, your JCR publicity officer for this year! When I'm not preoccupied screaming my lungs out to All Too We'll (10 Minute Version) for the whole of New Court to hear - sorry Yusuf xoxo - I take part in the college badminton and rowing while also working as a student ambassador. My role is to maintain the social media pages for the JCR (Facebook and Instagram) as well as sending out the weekly bulletin to keep all Johnians informed and up to date on college life. Feel free to send me an email with anything you think should be included in either the bulletin or on the socials and I'll make sure to share it. I'm always on my phone (it's part of the job) so please feel free to message me with any feedback or suggestions you may have!