Yusuf Adia

CRSid: yma24
Email: mentalhealth@sjcjcr.com

Hi! I'm Yusuf, yet another second-year medic on the JCR, and your Mental Health Officer for this year. Cambridge and various pressures seem to go hand in hand and so I want to make it clear that it is normal to not be feeling our best. My roles involve supporting the mental health of the students across college and fostering positive discussions about mental health. So, what can you expect from me? Firstly, you can contact me directly, either in-person or via message, for support – I'm always up for a chat! Secondly, I'll be working to raise awareness of the different avenues of support available to students and will try and improve access to support. Finally, I'll be talking directly to college management about issues the student body faces so please let me know of any concerns you have so I can relay them onwards! I'll also be working closely with our welfare officers, Jai and Bernice, to host fun events as well as drop-in sessions. Once again, you're more than welcome to get in touch!