Becca Gutteridge

CRSid: rg603

Hey, I’m Becca, I’m a second year English student and I’m your ,ental Health Officer! In my spare time I’m VP of John’s Femsoc and Cox for LMBC. Im here to make sure the mental health needs of all students; from wellbeing, right through to mental health problems and long term conditions becoming a disability. Its my aim to make sure all those suffering with mental health issues feel supported, included and have the chance to talk and get the right help -there is lots of support available at John’s if you just ask! I will be working with College to improve mental health care and helping you to find out where you can get support. I also think it’s really important to continue the work of the last JCR to improve the mental wellbeing of everyone at John’s. “Wellbeing” -being healthy and happy- is so important in such a stress-fuelled environment as Cambridge and helps reduce the risk of/eases management of mental health issues. A big part of my role will also be to improve education and break down stigma surrounding mental health. It really is OK not to be ok, 1/4 of people experience mental health issues and to start feeling better and stop the stigma we need to talk about it! Come and chat to me any time you see me around college or get in touch via email or Facebook if you need support or have any queries or suggestions!