Jenny Perratt

CRSid: jnp36

Hi, I’m Jenny - a first-year geographer and your Disabilities Officer for the year. I’m here to facilitate arrangements needed for students’ disabilities regarding any area of college life, be it pastoral care, academics, or general accessibility. This includes ease of mobility around the college, ensuring accessibility in the new buttery/dining room refurbishments, accommodating learning issues, and mental wellbeing. I’ll also raise awareness within the college for the issues faced by students with disabilities, and liaise with University-level bodies like the Disability Resource Centre and the SU’s Disabled Students Campaign to ensure students are supported outside the college too. Disabilities include mobility issues, health conditions, learning difficulties, and any other condition – and you don’t need to have a diagnosis to seek help from the resources available! Get in touch with me, in person or online, if you have any questions or concerns :)