Becca Gutteridge

CRSid: rg603

Hey there, I’m Becca! I’m a first-year English student and I’m your Disabilities Officer! I tutor creative writing, attend poetry circle and Femsoc. I am here to improve the experience of disabled students here at John’s. I want all students at John’s, no matter what their disability to feel welcome and included! This includes practical arrangements such as access, communicating to the College your physical needs both from a welfare and academic perspective and raising awareness of disability issues. I really want to break down stigma surrounding disabilities, particularly invisible disabilities. My role encompasses physical disabilities but I am also happy to listen to any other types of disability queries you may have -whether or not you have a diagnosis. I will be a friendly face around college, so feel free to come and speak to me in person or get in touch online with questions or suggestions – I look forward to hearing from you!