Alexandra Shepherd

CRSid: ais43

Hey everyone! My name is Alex, I’m a first year MML-er studying Spanish and German, and also your Access Officer here at John’s. I will be working alongside the Admissions Office, the Admissions Tutor and the rest of the fabulous JCR to make John’s an accessible college for students regardless of their background or the barriers they have faces. I have big plans, which I’m sure many of you lovely people will want to be involved with- summer schools, student led conferences, guest talks- I’ll keep you all updated via the Instagram I’m hoping to start up, and also the pre-existing Johns Access Group on Facebook. Post-admission wise, I’ll be collaborating with the liberation officers, especially our wonderful Class Act officer, Arefin. Outside of my role as Access Officer, I do University Karate, love all things arts and crafts, and spend time working on wider Cambridge University Access initiatives and learning languages on Duolingo (essentially my degree anyway). If you have any questions at all, access or general life related, please do get in touch with me; i’m always after new ways to procrastinate!