Meet the Committee



Tom Newton (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: tjn31
Hey, I'm Tom, your JCR President for 2017. I'm a third year Engineer who runs long distance, I ran my first marathon in September at the Loch Ness Marathon. I was on last year's JCR Committee as Yearbook Officer, a role I enjoyed a lot of success in! As JCR President I lead the JCR Committee and act as the key link between you guys (the students) and the College. I sit on committees such as CUSU Council and College Council to ensure that your opinions are conveyed to the right people to improve your John's experience. Alongside my fantastic committee I'm working to make John's the most exciting, most supportive and most enjoyable it can be for us as students, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch by email, or even just chat to me if you see me around college!


Vice president

Skye Fletcher (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: sf550
The Vice President in charge of chairing our JCR open meetings, supporting the President at College meetings and being in charge of the JCR Constitution. Most importantly for you, I’m in charge of organising and running this year’s Freshers’ Week. That means for all you Freshers, I’m the person to contact if you get hopelessly lost, have any questions etc. Get ready because it's gonna be HUGE! There’s tonnes of information on this website about college life so make sure to have a good scavenge around to see what life will be like here.

Academic Affairs & Careers

Academic Affairs and Careers

Simon Percelay (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: smjp2
Hey! I’m Simon and I’m the Academic Affairs and Careers Officer. I’m a second year HSPS student and I’m also involved in student journalism and the Wilberforce Society. As Academic Affairs and Careers Officer, I’m in charge of all matters related to academic life and wellbeing, as well as career events. My goal is to keep a friendly, supportive and helpful academic environment in St John’s. If you’re facing any issues with academic life at St John’s or if you have any ideas for improvement, feel free to contact me!



Will Fenwick
CRSid: jwf34
Hi everyone! I'm Will, a second year Geographer, and I'm the JCR Access Officer for 2017. This is my first role on the JCR, and I'm looking forward to continuing the great access work done by Kiran last year. As Access Officer, my aim is to make John's accessible for everyone, regardless of background, so if you want to get involved in any access programmes or have any suggestions for widening participation, please get in touch! Click here to find out more about the work we do at John’s.



Josh Snyder (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: jjds2
Hi I'm Josh and I am the JCR Computing Officer. I am a first year studying maths and I play pool for the uni team as well as getting involved in the CU in my spare time. My role of computing officer involves me managing the JCR website, and helping with any of the technical aspects of the JCR. I also act as a connection between the student body and the IT department to ensure that
improvements students feel are important are actioned upon..



Chantal Duchenne - (email me)
CRSid: cmd67
Hi! I'm Chantal and I'm your ents officer this year, which means ill be working with the rest of the JCR committee to plan 3 themed ents each term in John's. Think UV paint, student DJs and super cheap drinks deals, practically on your doorstep!! Prizes are given for best costume so make sure you admin some sick outfits! If you ever want to get involved with the ents committee simply send me a message - the more the merrier!

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Annanay Kapila (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: ak2033
Hi! I’m Annanay (he/ him) and I’m the Equal Opportunities Officer for 2017.
I want everyone at John’s to have the same opportunity to enjoy their time here. Whether this involves finding people who speak your language (often makes for better chat), finding out which sports you can do with a disability, or just making friends who belong to the same minority group as you, I’m here to help.
My role involves making sure the concerns of minority groups are being represented and that they especially have access to all of these wonderful things. I couldn’t do all this without the help of my fantastic subcommittee, who you can find on the Equal Opportunities page. As well as putting on awareness campaigns, mixer events and talks in fresher’s week, I am also perpetually open to new ideas and new people. If you satisfy either of these criteria, please contact me (ak2033) at your whim.

Ethical and Environmental Affairs

Ethical and Environmental Affairs

Amy Huseyin (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: arh91
Hi, I’m Amy and I’m your JCR Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer. I’m a first year medic and I enjoy volunteering for Teddy Bear Hospital, a society which aims to educate primary school children about healthcare, in my spare time. As Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer I’m responsible for trying to make St John’s more eco-friendly as well as promoting charity events and fundraising for the JCR college charity of the year. If you ever have any ideas for fundraising events or think of ways that we could make St John’s more environmentally-friendly, let me know!



Max Antcliff (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: mjaa2
Hi, I’m Max and I’m the Facilities Officer for this year. I'm in my first year doing economics. My role is to make sure you are satisfied with the facilities in John’s, including the bar, the buttery, the gym, the laundry, the library and Hall. If you have any queries or complaints about any of these, then please drop me an email.
We have loads of extra information around the site which explains all the facilities you have at your disposal in our wonderful College. Be sure to take a look!



Aoife Hogan (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: amh217
Hi guys, my name is Aoife (pronounced Eefa) and I am Publicity Officer for 2017! I’m a first year English student from Australia. As a wannabe journalist, I write and edit for Varsity, the Cambridge student newspaper. It’s my job to keep everyone updated with what’s going on in college and the University. I send weekly news bulletin emails and update the college Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts regularly. I’m particularly excited about using Snapchat as a way of collecting memories from college life and events (especially Ents) for the yearbook and Facebook. Send me anything you want publicised and I’ll help make sure that everyone knows about it! Follow the JCR on Facebook, Instagram (st_johns_college_jcr) and Snapchat (sjcjcr)!



Alina Antonova (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: aa895
The Secretary and External Officer of the JCR assists the JCR’s work with admin, taking meeting minutes, and booking rooms. As External Officer, they represent your views at CUSU (Cambridge University Students’ Union) alongside the President every week. The secretary and externals officer tries to encourage greater participation in both internal JCR work and University-wide CUSU activities so feel free to email them to raise any issues or suggestions that they can take to college or CUSU.

Sports, Services & Societies

Sports, Services and Societies

Sam Smith (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: smss3
Hey everyone! I'm Sam, the JCR's Sports, Services & Societies Officer. I'm also a Second-Year Economist and footballer for the St John's 1st XI. My role on the JCR involves maintaining and improving the JCR common room and TV room, as well as ensuring that the College's societies (sports and otherwise) have all they need to be successful. If you have any queries regarding improvements to the rooms mentioned, or anything related to societies at St John's, please don't hesitate to send a message my way. Thanks!


Jamie Campbell (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: jc946
Hi everyone, I’m Jamie and I’m your JCR Treasurer. I’m a second-year Engineer and also play football for the college. As Treasurer, my role is mainly administrative in that I look after the JCR’s bank account and make sure we stick to our budget. I do, however, also sit on the committee and am able to voice any ideas or concerns you may have. With that in mind, please feel free to approach me in college or contact me directly about any way you think John’s could be improved for its students.



Kate Williams (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: kiw23
Hi, I'm Kate, your JCR welfare officer. I'm a first year medic and play college mixed lacrosse.
My role is to keep College as happy and healthy as possible, running weekly drop in sessions, organising welfare events and providing anonymous sexual health supplies.
If you have any issues or worries I'm always here for a chat (CRSid: kiw23) and am able to direct you to someone within the college's extensive support network for any help you may need.



Elisabeth Gaberdiel (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: ekg31
Hi I’m Liz and I’m the Yearbook Officer. I’m a first year NatSci and as the Yearbook Officer it’s my job to put together and publish a yearbook. This will hopefully be something we can take home at the end of the year to remind us of the time we spent in John’s. If you have a piece of work of any kind you’d like to contribute or would like to be involved in creating the yearbook, please contact me. We’ll have a wild variety of content, so there’ll be a place for everything.