Ethical Affairs

Amy’s role as Ethical Affairs Officer encompasses all movements that attempt to apply a more sustainable set of principles to the day-to-day running of college life.

In practice, this means engaging with wider issues, such as global warming and unfair trade, and implementing change at the college level, in part through the Environmental Policy. It also involves promoting charity events and fundraising, either for the JCR charity (chosen by the students every year) or the university-wide charity organisation RAG.

Ethical and Environmental Affairs


Where to recycle different items around college:

  • Paper: bags in your rooms, ask your bedder to give you one if they haven’t already (they should have!). There is also a paper recycling bin in the pigeonhole room at the Great Gate, and loads in the library.
  • Glass, Aluminium, Plastic: In Cripps use the designated recycling bags in communal kitchens. Once the bags are full, empty them in the recycling area at the bottom of E staircase. If you live in North or Chapel Court you can use the recycling facilities in the library or the JCR.
  • Cardboard: Cripps recycling area is the only place cardboard can be recycled currently.


During term time only, you can also recycle this stuff in the JCR bins, which are taken to the Cripps Recycling area by the JCR and kind volunteers who help out! If you see it getting full of pizza boxes in here and you’re heading back to Cripps, you could save us some work by grabbing a couple and recycling them on your way back!


JCR Charity:

Every year in Lent Term, Johnians nominate the Charity for which we will be collecting funds as a College. The JCR committee will be organising all flavours of superhalls and events to raise money for our next cause, and we can’t wait to see as many of you there as possible – be sure to get a team together for our weekly Saturday night bar quiz! Not only can you feel like a God among men for donating to charity, but you can also be in for a chance of winning some fantastic prizes (bar tab, anyone?)! What could be more ethical than that?


Throughout the year we organise various charity events to collect money for the JCR charity. One of the best events is Superhall – a special night of formal Hall with extra courses and dishes like “Lobster Wonton in a Shiitake Broth”. We’ve held Superhalls before for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, and a Harry Potter themed treat.
We also support Cambridge Rag, which is a university-wide organisation who raise money for loads of different charities through events like Jailbreak and Blind Date, as well as weekly fancy dress “raids” in town.



Student involvement:

The JCR encourages its students to get involved with volunteering. Feel free to contact me any time if you want advice on where to focus your efforts, or to join our Facebook charity and volunteering forum.

Cambridge Student Community Action is also a great place to look.  They run brilliant initiatives where you can get involved with volunteering.  They run programs such as Bounce, which is a community program that gets volunteers to, play sports with disabled and disadvantaged children.  There are lots of different opportunities and you’re bound to find something worthwhile to do with your spare time that you’ll enjoy!


If you have any suggestions for me, or just want to get in touch with a fellow ethicaliser, feel free to send some words my way using our online contact form!