Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Officer

David Quist (email me or contact me via our website)
CRSid: dq220

Hello! I’m David (he/him), a first-year medical student, member of the St. John’s rugby team and now, the Equal Opportunities Officer for 2019. I’m greatly looking forward to continuing the hard work of last year’s Equal Opportunities Officer and her sub-committee, ensuring St. John’s is an equal, inclusive and friendly community, that is proud to celebrate the diversity of its student body. This could not be achieved without the help of the BME, LGBT+, International, Women’s, Mental Health and Disabilities officers and the rest of the JCR committee, as well as the potential for collaboration with other colleges to organise speaker events, casual meet ups and Halls for minority groups. Ultimately, we would like you to be rest assured that we will work hard to ensure that everyone really feels like St. John’s truly is a home away from home. However, for this to truly be achieved I’d like to welcome anyone with any concerns or new and interesting ideas to get in touch with me either by email (dq220), or feel free to have a chat if you see me around.


Yash Agarwal

CRSid: ya279

As BME Officer for John’s, I aim to make sure people are not denied opportunities due to things outside their control. Over the year, I hope to organise events within and among colleges to celebrate different backgrounds and cultures. I also hope to start a ‘Buddy Bench’ in the buttery where you can meet new people. I believe John’s is one of the best and most inclusive colleges in Cambridge and I hope that every member of the college can feel they belong here, regardless of the colour of their skin or background. If you have any suggestions or issues to discuss, please feel free to email me!

Disabilities Officer

Becca Gutteridge

CRSid: rg603

Hey there, I’m Becca! I’m a first-year English student and I’m your Disabilities Officer!

I tutor creative writing, attend poetry circle and Femsoc. I am here to improve the experience of disabled students here at John’s. I want all students at John’s, no matter what their disability to feel welcome and included!  This includes practical arrangements such as access, communicating to the College your physical needs both from a welfare and academic perspective and raising awareness of disability issues. I really want to break down stigma surrounding disabilities, particularly invisible disabilities. My role encompasses physical disabilities but I am also happy to listen to any other types of disability queries you may have -whether or not you have a diagnosis. I will be a friendly face around college, so feel free to come and speak to me in person or get in touch online with questions or suggestions – I look forward to hearing from you!

International Students

Sophie Michalski

CRSid: msm60

Hi – I’m Sophie, your International Students’ Officer! I am a second-year lawyer, but you’re more likely to find me at the Boathouse than at the Law Fac. My role is to represent non-British students and make sure that your needs are met in and outside college. Starting university is a challenging experience which may be compounded by moving to a new country, so feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. I look forwards to hearing from you!

LGBTQ+ Officer

Laurence van Someren

CRSid: alv36

Hi there! I’m Laurence (he/him), a first-year mathmo and your LGBT+ Officer. My mission is to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe at John’s regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. But more than just that, I want to let LGBT+ people here feel part of a community – and to that end I’ll be putting on events throughout the year, ranging from casual tea & cake get-togethers to LGBT+ formal swaps with other colleges (and more!). If you identify as LGBT+, or are simply unsure, I’m always here for you if you have any questions or concerns, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Women’s Officer

Anastasia Blamey

CRSid: ab2555

Hi, I’m Anastasia – a first year studying medicine and your women’s officer. I am part of the university cheerleading team and college medical society. My aim is to advocate for women’s rights within college and help to celebrate the successes of the female members of John’s.

If you have any concerns about issues you have within or outside of college, please do not hesitate to contact me! I would be happy to help or point you towards the right person.