Equal Opportunities

Annanay, our Equal Opportunities officer, is  responsible for chairing the Equal Opportunities subcommittee, who represent women, men, international students, ethnic minorities, LGBT+students, and those with disabilities.


LGBT+: Yasmine Shafiq

I’m Yasmine Shafiq, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m the LGBT+ officer this year. That means that if you identify as a member of the LGBT+ community in any way, or are questioning whether or not you do, then I am here to represent and support you. If you ever have any questions or just want someone to talk to, you can contact me at yeas2@cam.ac.uk, and I’ll always listen and try my best to help. I’ll be organising various LGBT+ events throughout the year, for which my main method of communication is a secret St. John’s LGBT+ Facebook group. Please do get in touch if you’d like me to add you to that (nobody outside the group will be able to see that you’ve joined, but members of the group can see who else is a member), or if you’d rather that I emailed you about LGBT+ events and issues instead. All the best!

Internationals : Murat Demir

Hello everyone! My name is Murat (he/ him), and as your International Officer for this year, my job is to make you feel at home at St John’s and to help you navigate the tricky aspects of the international student experience. I will aid you with any issues or concerns you may have and will negotiate with the College on your behalf if need be. I’ll also be organizing a number of different events for you to get to know your fellow students better and have a good time, so keep an eye out on the weekly bulletins! If you have any suggestions, problems or questions, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at fmd34@cam.ac.uk or come chat with me in person any time.

Ethnic Minorities: Sophie Noton

Ethnic Minorities
Hi everyone! I’m Sophie Noton (she/ her), the ethnic minorities rep for this year. I’m here to make you feel included in absolutely everything that happens in Cambridge, no matter what background you’ve come from. I hope to foster a cheerful, inclusive and supportive community here at John’s. Whether you want to be put in touch with different cultural societies, see if there are any events happening that you’d like to be involved in, or if you feel that you’re having trouble finding your place at John’s, don’t hesitate to drop me an email (sn497), I’d love to help. From Cambridge African Caribbean Society (ACS) to the Cambridge University Association of British And Chinese University Students (ABACUS Cambridge) there are many ways to meet people from similar backgrounds and share the highs and lows of Cambridge life, so if you’d like to be a part of that also let me know!

Women’s Officer: Juliana Bouchaud

Women's Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Juliana (pronouns she and her) and I am the Women’s officer for this year. My role is to represent and advocate for the rights of all self-defining and non binary students in St John’s. By cooperating with the different officers, I hope to have an intersectional approach to gender-related issues as to creat a safe space where all students may thrive. I will be working with committee to organize events (this year is especially exciting as it is the 35th anniversary of women undergraduates being admitted to the college). If you have any questions, concerns, problems or just generally feel like chatting, please drop me an email at jb2217@cam.ac.uk


Physical disabilities officer: Jennifer Thorpe


Hi, I’m Jen (she/ her) and I’m the Physical Disabilities Officer for this year. My main role is to make John’s as inclusive as possible, to highlight issues affecting disabled members of college and to promote greater integration between minority groups and the wider college community. During my time as Disabilities Officer I hope to raise awareness by including workshops on disability in fresher’s week as it is often overlooked. I also hope to raise money for education and access charities, which provide support for disabled students. If you have any ideas for future campaigns, or have any problems regarding your disability and personal wellbeing, please get in touch, my email is jt578@cam.ac.uk, I am always happy to help!
Mental Health officer: Tom Bailey

Mental Health
My name is Tom, pronouns he/him, and I’m the mental health officer for the equal opportunities committee at St. John’s. My role in the equal opportunities committee is to make sure mental health issues are never ignored and to ensure that everybody feels they have someone to talk to, whether that’s me, the college counsellor, the college nurse, or someone else. I’ll be working with the committee to organise events to tackle various mental health concerns, and I’ll be hosting activities to promote well-being for students throughout the term.

Please email me (tb575@cam.ac.uk) with any questions or problems you may have. Whether you’re worried about your workload or suffering from problems of anxiety/depression, I’ll always have time to chat and I can help put you in touch with other welfare services – drop me a text (07545625426) or find me around college, day or night. I’ll also be helping the Welfare Officer Kate Williams with her weekly drop-in sessions, so if you feel you’d rather talk to a guy I’ll be there! Finally, please don’t be afraid to speak up about your feelings – your welfare and mental health always come first.