Arrangements for October

You should find in your Freshers’ Pack a lot of relevant information, but you can also find a bit about your first week here.

International students will be able to arrive in college between 8am and 4pm on Thursday 29th September while home students will be able to arrive in college between 8am and 4pm on Friday 30th September. Freshers’ events will continue to run until 9th October, although teaching officially starts on Thursday 6th October. Sometimes there will be events which run at the same time – provided they’re not essential, it is up to you to choose which one you prefer – just ask any of us if you need advice.

You should arrive in the Cripps’ Car Park (just off Northampton Street by St John’s Chophouse) if you are able to quickly drop your luggage off. If it will take longer, you should go to the Playing Fields’ Car Park. Before unloading, you should register in the Palmerston Room in the Fisher Building in the Cripps-side of college where you can register, officially “matriculate” (join the college) and collect useful goodies such as log in details, an ethernet cable etc. You should then check your pigeon hole for any mail near the Main Gate and then proceed to the JCR (located in Second Court) where there will be a chocolate fountain, snacks and squash. You can meet Freshers who have arrived at a similar time and ask the JCR any questions. There will also be the opportunity for early comers to go punting with a few others! Please click here for more details on what to expect.

Below are two useful pages on the Freshers’ site – the first is advice on what you should bring to college and the second is some information on what the rooms are like.

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