Win £100 Amazon voucher – spare 5 min to do an online test to explore your underlying beliefs about personality traits in different professions

My name is Yishu Qin and I am a PhD student from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. My PhD project (in cooperation with Project Implicit from Harvard University) focuses on how people perceive different majors and whether their perceptions influence their career choices. I was wondering if you could spare 5 minutes to do this online test for my project? 

The test itself is as simple as a pairing game and is fun and inspiring. The study is completely anonymous, and the instructions are there when you click on the link. This is a really vital part of my PhD thesis on psychology and education. You will have a chance to win £25 or £100 in amazon vouchers as a reward for participation.

Below is my test link (please use a computer or a laptop, the test requires using keyboard so cannot be run on tablets or phones):

I would be very grateful if you could also pass the link to your university friends. 

If you have any idea to share with me, please contact Yishu Qin:

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