Get paid to take part in a psychology study

We are looking for healthy adult volunteers, aged 18 and over to take part in a psychology study investigating empathy at the Department of Psychology, Downing Site. The study uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) which is a non-invasive, safe technique, frequently used in the areas of cognitive and clinical neuroscience. The study involves two sessions of tDCS (approximately a week apart) and completion of computer task and some questionnaires. You will receive £20 in compensation for your time at the end of the second session.
We would like to hear from if you:
•     have no neurological or psychiatric disorder
•    do not suffer from epilepsy and have no family history of seizures
•    have no metallic object in your body
•    are not pregnant
If you are interested in taking part and meet the above criteria, please email:
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